It is a soil conditioner made of  carboxylic acids (33.4%) and lignosulfonic acid (7.8%). It controls salinity, compaction, enhances nutrients  availability, chelates microelements, improves soil structure and keeps it in optimum conditions obtaining  crops of the highest quality.

Organic matter decomposition is the main source of carboxylic acids generation in soil. By its nature, carboxylic acids have beneficial properties oriented towards plants growth.

The complexing and anti-erosion quality of lignosulfonic acid (derived from lignin, wood cellulose extract) causes a synergistic effect in the amending action of carboxylic acids.


Emergion ® ™ has shown significant increases in yield; in trials on alfalfa crops made by the University of Arizona (in Maricopa, Arizona) .. Click for more information


  • Control of Soil Salinity

Solubilize soil insoluble salts, promoting the ion exchange of sodium with calcium/magnesium, allowing salts and sodium compounds to be removed with irrigation water.

  • Chelating Agent

Enhance micronutrients plant uptake, creating chelated compounds with microelements in soil (iron, zinc, manganese, etc.).

  • Nutrients Absorption Facilitator

Solubilize soil nutriens, increasing their availability. A distinctive solubilizing action on phosphorus.

  • Soil Structure Improver

By leaching salts, soil decompacts and porosity increases; improving capacity for infiltration of water and oxygen , facilitating plant roots development.