DC-Line Unclogs drip irrigation systems (tapes, hoses). It is made from carboxylic acids and complexing compounds. It is a friendly product and its composition also acts as a conditioner for the soil. DC-Line helps to preserve a longer useful life of your systems and equipment.

In recent years, drip irrigation and micro irrigation systems have experienced an important advance. Its main virtue is that it promotes sustainable actions in agriculture and gardening, facilitating the introduction of practices that respect the environment and resources. It makes it possible to take advantage of water, notably reducing the contribution of water and nutrients without reducing the production yields. With this system, better crops can be produced on stony or saline soils.

One of the main problems in the proper functioning of the drip irrigation equipment is the so-called clogging uf irrigation tapes. Irrigation water greatly influences this clogging since the water table can have a high content of salts that can form the that clog the irrigation lines. DC-Line performs a very effective desalination work, without the aggressiveness of strong acids.

Form of application:

Dose DC-Line during the last minutes of the irrigation taking care that the product remains concentrated in the lines, hose, tapes and / or equipment. Let stand for at least 10 hours. Release after that or in the next irrigation.

As preventive maintenance, it is advisable to clean pipes and hoses once a week by applying DC-Line from 1 to 3 liters per hectare (depending on the hardness of the water). For clogged drippers, it is recommended to apply DC-Line in a proportion of 4 to 8 liters per hectare or when necessary. DC-Line does not harm. It is an excellent conditioner. Its carboxylic and complexing acids possess desalinization properties, chelating of microelements and decompaction.

DC-Line is designed to detach and / or dissolve deposits that cause clogging in pressurized irrigation equipment; such as hoses and / or drip tapes, sprinkler and micro-sprinkler lines.

Its properties as a sequestering, complexing and dispersing agent allow it to perform a very effective work as softener of ions adhered to parts of equipment. By using it in a preventive way, it prevents the formation of incrustations.


Carboxylic acids …………………… 23.50

Complexing compounds ………..11.70